Simple Yet Effective Ways To Avoid Razor Bumps

Razor bumps occur when the shaved hair becomes trapped inside the follicle or curls and grows back into the skin. Razor bumps can cause irritation and the development of pimples. They also may cause scarring in more extreme cases.

Razor bumps 3

How to prevent razor bumps with

1. Prevention is always better than cure, and luckily, there are quite a few home remedies for razor bumps we can do to help eliminate razor bumps from arising.

2. be sure you scrub often. Applying a good scrub will definitely really help release any hairs that have definitely become stuck and stop them through coming to be irritated or infected later.

3. Apply a well-maintained and sharp-edged razor blade every single time you shave. Razors can become producing grounds for germs, specifically in the event that you really don’t use your shaver quite frequently. Choosing an unclean razor blade on your skin is asking for hassle!

4. Get a warm shower right before shaving to lighten the hair and open up your pores. Yet doesn’t keep in there too long, you skin can go rough when you’re in water for very long, which will make things tough to get a suitable shave.

5. Always shave in the same direction that your hair grows. If you shave against the grain you are pulling and cutting the hair follicle in an unnatural direction which will make it susceptible to growing into your skin and causing irritation.

6. Try using some really good old fashioned shaving soap and a brush instead of gel or foam. The brush will really help raise those whiskers so the razor can get a better cut.

7. Make sure you are using the right shaving technique. Try to shave in slow, small strokes rinsing the razor under hot water to clean it between each stroke, if blade is clogged up with hair it won’t sit flush against the skin.

8. One of the main causes of razor bumps is shaving too close. Avoid stretching your skin when you shave as this will make the hair get trapped in the follicle.

9. Avoid shaving straight after you wake in the morning. During a night’s sleep face can increase with fluid, make us look puffed up and making it difficult to acquire a really good shave.

Razor bumpsThe best ways to remove razor bumps

“That’s all well and really good” I intend you’re assuming, yet just what could you do assuming that you are presently dealing with razor bumps?

1. Assuming that razor burns do begin to show up, try using an aloe-Vera based cortisone lotion more than once a day to the infected spot. This must calm the face and lower soreness.

2. Try applying among the many provided natural skin care product lines along with active substances that claim to minimize razor bumps and shaving burn. Generally there are quite a lot on the marketplace, yet goods consisting of Salicylic Acid look among the most reliable depending on latest research study.

3. Try this simple home remedies for razor bumps by putting on Aloe Vera or Tea Tree oil based ointment to moisturize, relieve and cool down your skin. Certainly there are hundreds of products available which contain tea tree or aloe Vera, so you’ll have plenty to select from.

4. Skin care products that contain the components Azulen and Allantoin such as these will stop the razor bumps from itching, burning, and help reduce the appearance of redness.

In case you wish to take direct action and perform a little “Home Surgical treatment” on an individual ingrown hair, tries the following.

Use a pair of tweezers to grab the tip of the hair and gentle pull it free. Whatever you do not pluck the hair out. This will just make it even worse in the long run since the hair will just grow back inwards or get trapped again. If the hair is a bit stubborn you might attempt using a disinfected needle to cautiously prick the hair out. But please, beware if you make a decision to do it that way, and offer yourself a sprinkle of aftershave or other similar product to stop any bacterial going into the freshly liberated hair follicle.


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